Monday, October 29, 2012

Wasca (Huasca)

Wasca (Huasca) : noun : [wah-skuh]

Definition: Punishment; to give wasca is to put one in their place, to lay down the law.

     So this is sort of a real word.  But it's a word from a dead language.  Ok, well a dying language, that language being Quechua [keh--chwah].  This word is used through parts of Bolivia and Perú, though it is commonly found spelled differently, like the above-mentioned "huasca".  Anyway as a second-language Spanish speaker I find that I sometimes use words I picked up in South America in regular everyday English talk.  So I decided that I might as well put one (and maybe a couple more in the future) on MyWord's blog, so as to introduce said words to others.

     That being said, wasca is my favorite "not really a word but sort of a word" word.  When someone dishes out wasca, they're verbally laying the smack down on someone.  Basically it's like you're getting pwned.  Just destroyed and put back into your place.  We don't really have a word for it in English, which is why I like it so much.  Plus it has roots in South America, so it's appropriate to put on as we finish up October, a.k.a. Hispanic Heritage Month.  Yay for Spanglish!

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