Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Ineligibowl : noun : [in-el-i-juh-bohl]

Definition: The football game between Ohio State and Penn State this year.

     Back to college football for this one.  This weekend's game features the two best teams in the Big Ten - and the only two that are ineligible to play in the postseason this year.  That is just sad beyond belief.  Wisconsin (6-2, 3-1) is the only other team in the Leaders division to win a conference game.  Every other team in the conference has at least two losses (PSU has two as well) and it isn't unlikely that the conference sends a 3 or (gasp!) 4 loss team to the Rose Bowl.  A three-loss Big Ten team has only earned a Rose Bowl bid thrice since the conference came together in 1987 (Iowa '91, Purdue '01, Illinois '07), and all three teams were beaten by double digits.  A four-loss team has NEVER won the Big Ten Title, but it could quite conceivably happen.  Scary.  So whoever wins this game will likely be the Big Ten pseudo-champion - a title which holds no relevance except for a good spot in next year's preseason poll.  Pretty much just gargabage.

UPDATE: Oct 28, 2012: Just an update as to the result of the "oh-so-satisfying" Ineligibowl.  Ohio State dominated Penn State late after a relatively even first half, then held off an attempted fourth quarter surge to secure a 35-23 win and a 9-0 start to the year.  This puts them #6 in the Week 10 AP poll and #ineligible(still) in all other polls that matter.  Go Bucks?

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