Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Belieber : noun : [bih-lee-ber]

Definition: One who believes in Justin Bieber.

     For starters, I AM NOT ONE. A belieber, that is.  I basically believe that Justin Bieber is... Well I won't get into what I think about that sad excuse for a musician.  I wouldn't have even put it on here had it not been for this picture that I saw someone had posted on Facebook the other day:

     And the answer is yes, yes I do have a problem with that.  A big one.  But as long as you stay outside of the proverbial fence of rational common sense (though in this case it's a pretty realistic fence of common sense) and the rest of us stay inside said fence, we will all get along.  Same goes for you, "directioners", just stay away and we'll all get along.

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