Sunday, October 21, 2012


Bamel : noun : [bam-uhl]

Definition: A bear with a hump on it's back, i.e. a grizzly bear (apparently).

     Yes, a bear with a hump gets its own name on the blog.  Because it is this bear with a hump:

     Apparently it's a grizzly bear, or rather a wooden carving of said bear.  At least that's what my brother-in-law was telling me.  Anyway, if grizzly bears have humps, then to me it's still a bamel.  I don't know about you, but the hump on that particular bear looks quite superficial to me.  Then again, if that is just a part of the bamel, then what is a camel without a hump?  A cear, I suppose.  Which isn't a word, making it perfectly legal to invent as a word.  A caer, on the other hand, is a fortress.  But only when inhabited by Welshmen, or when located in Wales.  Technicalities galore.

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