Saturday, October 27, 2012


Ragnarian : noun : [rag-nah-ree-an]

Definition: One who runs in one (or many) of the Ragnar Relay Series races.

     This means that half of my neighbors are Ragnarians.  And one of them is one of the co-founders of Ragnar.  Pretty cool.  Coming from a former runner (me), the Ragnar Relays are pretty cool.  There are something like 12 races, I'm not exactly sure, from California to New York, from the Florida Keys to Seattle, Washington, there are races everyone.  There's even a couple (Mt. Charleston to Las Vegas, Chattanooga to Nashville) coming up in a couple weeks (November 9-10). And believe me when I say these are for the hardcore runners, not the casual "run when I feel like it"-ers.  But quit listening to me talk about it, just visit the site and watch the video on Ragnarians.  Oh, and did I mention that all are overnight races?  Yeah, sounds super fun to me, too.  Sort of.

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