Thursday, October 18, 2012


Summering : verb : [suhm-uh-reeng] - can also be spelled "Summaring"

Definition: The writing of a summary (not to be confused with the real definition of the actual word summering, which can be found here)

     No kidding, I actually found this word on a job listing website.  Apparently this person or company had a paper in Spanish that they needed to be translated to English, so they put up a job listing asking for some one to do the "editing/summering" on their paper, mainly because they need someone to write an "executive summery" with a "long term partnership shought."  As you can see, this advertisement was (well, is I suppose) full of spelling mistakes, but this failed conjugation of the misspelled word "summery" made me bust a gut.  Needless to say I was entertained enough to put it here, on the Wonderful Wacky Website of Weird Words.  That's another name for this blog, in case you were wondering.

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