Wednesday, October 31, 2012


     Halloween is a special time of year.  It's when people can dress up, pretend to be things they're not, and get candy for knocking on strangers' doors.  Also, as I recently read in a Facebook post, it's the one time of year when finding glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth on the floor of a bathroom stall isn't that weird.  It's also a fantastic opportunity for companies and people to make up fun words that get peoples' attention.  For example:

     Huluween - Hulu's "Halloween Picks" movie and t.v. show collection.

     Spookify - Spotify's Halloween party playlist.

     Spooktacular, Frightmares, and Halloweekend - Names of various theme park events in California and Pennsylvania, Utah, and Ohio, among others.

     Halloweeny - Describing something not necessarily creepy or frightening, but rather uniquely associated with halloween. (Thinks Jack-o-lanterns.)

     As you can see, there's many a made-up word in the world of Halloween.  But the worst part about Halloween coming and going?  Now I have no excuse when complaining about people listening to Christmas too early.  At least I'll have the election for another week to distract me.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Movember : noun : [moh-vem-ber]

Definition: Mustache November, or the annual month-long competition between men to grow the manliest mustache.

     In anticipation of this event (and due to a filling of later word slots for Halloween and the election) I have to put Movember up early.  And I'm fairly certain you all know what it is.  If you don't, read the definition (man how I love dictionaries).  But to get you all started I just wanted to present you with the following chart to aid you in profiling people and their facial growth.

     I hope this helps you this Movember as you weed out the criminals and werewolves from the wizards and ninja masters.  Good lucky people.  It can be a pretty hairy world out there.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wasca (Huasca)

Wasca (Huasca) : noun : [wah-skuh]

Definition: Punishment; to give wasca is to put one in their place, to lay down the law.

     So this is sort of a real word.  But it's a word from a dead language.  Ok, well a dying language, that language being Quechua [keh--chwah].  This word is used through parts of Bolivia and Perú, though it is commonly found spelled differently, like the above-mentioned "huasca".  Anyway as a second-language Spanish speaker I find that I sometimes use words I picked up in South America in regular everyday English talk.  So I decided that I might as well put one (and maybe a couple more in the future) on MyWord's blog, so as to introduce said words to others.

     That being said, wasca is my favorite "not really a word but sort of a word" word.  When someone dishes out wasca, they're verbally laying the smack down on someone.  Basically it's like you're getting pwned.  Just destroyed and put back into your place.  We don't really have a word for it in English, which is why I like it so much.  Plus it has roots in South America, so it's appropriate to put on as we finish up October, a.k.a. Hispanic Heritage Month.  Yay for Spanglish!


Frankenstorm : noun : [frang-kuhn-stawrm]

Definition:  The combination of Hurricane Sandy and a massive cold front storm along the eastern seaboard.

     If you haven't heard about this, you may want to check the news once in a while.  This Frankenstorm has been awarded that name due to its close proximity to Halloween as well as the nature of the storm itself.  To give you an example of how scary this could get, I'll use the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) scale to rate the destructive power of a storm's winds.  On a scale of six, Hurricane Sandy's destructive wind force is a 2.6, not a huge deal - relatively speaking.  The storm surge winds expected along the east coast when Sandy meets the cold front storm, however, are rated at a 5.7 out of 6, the highest rating observed between 1969 and 2005 (greater than either Andrew or Katrina).  Storm surges could reach as high as 11 feet around New Jersey and Long Island. Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, has ordered a shutdown of subways, buses, and commuter rails and the evacuation of some 370,000 people in low-lying areas of the city.  Sandy has already killed 61 people in the Caribbean when the Frankenstorm finally comes to life on the east coast,  I dare not even imagine when this arctic-tropic terror could cause in terms of damages and loss of life.  As I write this, it is 2:10 pm ET.  The storm is just arriving.  All US stock exchanges have been closed because of the storm.  Flooding is already occurring in New York and New Jersey, and a state of emergency has recently been declared by the White House for the state of Delaware, among other states.  Atlantic City has put out a 6 pm curfew to protect people from the storm, which is expected to make landfall in New Jersey at about 5 pm ET today.  I pray that the storm passes quickly, but it's looking fairly grim at the moment.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Irreliable : adjective : [ir-i-lahy-uh-buhl]

Definition: A grammatically awful way to say something is not reliable.

     This is honestly a word that I've heard educated people use in conversations as if it's no big deal.  I believe the phrase is "drives me up a wall."  That about sums up why I occasionally lose faith in the English language.  Overall things are good, but when people begin to change around prefixes on words in an attempt to sound "more educated" they really tend to hurt their case more than help it.  Not only have I heard that things are "irreliable", but I've also heard that people are "unresponsible" and *cring* "uncapable."  Seriously, it isn't that hard.  But don't worry readers, this is only a small preview of a series of words that'll come along closer to the end of the year that involves around my issues with the English language and all the wonderfully creative words that come out of it, so stick around.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Ragnarian : noun : [rag-nah-ree-an]

Definition: One who runs in one (or many) of the Ragnar Relay Series races.

     This means that half of my neighbors are Ragnarians.  And one of them is one of the co-founders of Ragnar.  Pretty cool.  Coming from a former runner (me), the Ragnar Relays are pretty cool.  There are something like 12 races, I'm not exactly sure, from California to New York, from the Florida Keys to Seattle, Washington, there are races everyone.  There's even a couple (Mt. Charleston to Las Vegas, Chattanooga to Nashville) coming up in a couple weeks (November 9-10). And believe me when I say these are for the hardcore runners, not the casual "run when I feel like it"-ers.  But quit listening to me talk about it, just visit the site and watch the video on Ragnarians.  Oh, and did I mention that all are overnight races?  Yeah, sounds super fun to me, too.  Sort of.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Snee : noun : [snee]

Definition: The plural of snow.

     This is one of the words that we simply call "grandpa words," mainly because my grandfather uses them like they're commonplace.  So we tend to use them once in a while as well.  Doesn't it just sound great though?  "Hey everyone! Look at all the snee outside!"  Oh it just sounds wondrous to me.  And yes, there is snee on the ground right now, so this word really does make sense.  Maybe not for all of you, but out my window all that white stuff is most definitely lots of little snowflakes all jumbled together.  I even tested it myself, and it's true: snee has officially fallen in october.  Global warming my foot.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Squatching : verb : [skwah-cheeng]

Definition: The act of actively hunting down Sasquatch/Big Foot.

     This word comes from a t-shirt design that I stumbled upon the other day.  Just another word to put on the list of creative word that one can find on other people's clothing.  You'd be surprised by how many you actually can find on the clothes you see over the course of the day.  I could probably do a week or two using words other people wear on themselves.  Sounds like fun, I know, but I think I'll just throw them out from time to time for you all to enjoy.  Or you could always look around in a busy part of town one day.  I'm sure you'll find some new words of your own (to submit to the Dictionary, of course).

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Nevergreen : noun/adjective : [nev-er-green]

Definition:  A tree or shrubbery that never produces green leaves.

     This one came from a ten-year-old pointing out that the opposite of an evergreen tree must be a nevergreen, or in other words, it must be a tree with non-green leaves.  Like a Japanese red maple tree, like this one here:

     Yup, that's definitely a nevergreen tree.  Though it's not only tree's with leaves of a greenless variety that qualify as nevergreens.  Dead trees do too.  From the mouths of babes people, from the mouths of babes.


Ineligibowl : noun : [in-el-i-juh-bohl]

Definition: The football game between Ohio State and Penn State this year.

     Back to college football for this one.  This weekend's game features the two best teams in the Big Ten - and the only two that are ineligible to play in the postseason this year.  That is just sad beyond belief.  Wisconsin (6-2, 3-1) is the only other team in the Leaders division to win a conference game.  Every other team in the conference has at least two losses (PSU has two as well) and it isn't unlikely that the conference sends a 3 or (gasp!) 4 loss team to the Rose Bowl.  A three-loss Big Ten team has only earned a Rose Bowl bid thrice since the conference came together in 1987 (Iowa '91, Purdue '01, Illinois '07), and all three teams were beaten by double digits.  A four-loss team has NEVER won the Big Ten Title, but it could quite conceivably happen.  Scary.  So whoever wins this game will likely be the Big Ten pseudo-champion - a title which holds no relevance except for a good spot in next year's preseason poll.  Pretty much just gargabage.

UPDATE: Oct 28, 2012: Just an update as to the result of the "oh-so-satisfying" Ineligibowl.  Ohio State dominated Penn State late after a relatively even first half, then held off an attempted fourth quarter surge to secure a 35-23 win and a 9-0 start to the year.  This puts them #6 in the Week 10 AP poll and #ineligible(still) in all other polls that matter.  Go Bucks?

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Bamel : noun : [bam-uhl]

Definition: A bear with a hump on it's back, i.e. a grizzly bear (apparently).

     Yes, a bear with a hump gets its own name on the blog.  Because it is this bear with a hump:

     Apparently it's a grizzly bear, or rather a wooden carving of said bear.  At least that's what my brother-in-law was telling me.  Anyway, if grizzly bears have humps, then to me it's still a bamel.  I don't know about you, but the hump on that particular bear looks quite superficial to me.  Then again, if that is just a part of the bamel, then what is a camel without a hump?  A cear, I suppose.  Which isn't a word, making it perfectly legal to invent as a word.  A caer, on the other hand, is a fortress.  But only when inhabited by Welshmen, or when located in Wales.  Technicalities galore.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Innoventually : adverb : [ih-noh-ven-choo-uh-lee]

Definition:  Describing a large change or innovation that is imminent but yet to come.

     Thank you Alec Baldwin, a.k.a. Jack Donaghy, for this wonderful word off 30 Rock.  I was watching the episode titled "Reaganing" (also a wondrous word that may end up on this blog one day) where Jack is on a perfect streak of problem-solving when he invents this word as a means of describing a future movie that he created on the spot.  Pretty great and hilariously funny stuff, if you ask me.  For those of you who haven't seen this show yet, watch it.  Or at least give it a shot.  For those who already watch said show, enjoy it.  That is all.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Tistics : noun : [tis-tiks]

Definition: The other part of statistics that people aren't studying when they say they're studying 'stats'.

     Well my younger brother is taking AP Statistics, but to him and most everyone else, it's just "stats."  So obviously the "tistics" part is the part that they are learning about, as it was so keenly put to me the other day.  But which part of statistics is the "tistics" part, you might ask?  Well I don't actually know.  Maybe the part that the calculator does for them.  Or maybe it's something one learns later on in life as they stop studying "stats" and start learning "statistics" but I'm not really sure.  I think it's just the stuff a calculator does.  There you have it.  How does a calculator know so much?  Easy; it knows tistics.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Summering : verb : [suhm-uh-reeng] - can also be spelled "Summaring"

Definition: The writing of a summary (not to be confused with the real definition of the actual word summering, which can be found here)

     No kidding, I actually found this word on a job listing website.  Apparently this person or company had a paper in Spanish that they needed to be translated to English, so they put up a job listing asking for some one to do the "editing/summering" on their paper, mainly because they need someone to write an "executive summery" with a "long term partnership shought."  As you can see, this advertisement was (well, is I suppose) full of spelling mistakes, but this failed conjugation of the misspelled word "summery" made me bust a gut.  Needless to say I was entertained enough to put it here, on the Wonderful Wacky Website of Weird Words.  That's another name for this blog, in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Romaction : noun : [roh-mak-shuhn]

Definition: The genre combination of romance and action.

     They're those great action movies that are filled with romance.  Yes it sounds a little sappy but they're out there.  The Scarlet Pimpernel comes to mind, for instance.  But I actually got this word from a Coke Zero add.  It's from their "same great taste AND zero calories" campaign.  And since this guy can have both with his soda, he can have both romance and action in his movie, thus he can have romaction.  Pretty great to hear about, I'm sure.  How about you just watch it instead.  That way I don't have to say "you had to be there."  It's just obnoxious when that happens.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Muskamigo : noun : [muhs-kuh-mee-goh]

Definition: A super true very bestest best friend.

     Oh the truths that come from the mouths of fourteen-year-old kids.  My young cousin's friend established clearly to a room of people that him and his friends were more than just the three amigos or the three musketeers; they were the four (that's right, FOUR) muskamigos.  Pretty clever if you ask me. And hey, now you can all go out and tell your very bestest best friends that they're all your muskamigos now.  At least that's what I'm going to do.  For sure.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Ridqulous : adjective : [ri-deek-yuh-luhs]

Definition: Ridiculous, in the sense that something is awesome, except only when applied to Dairy Queen products.

     So Dairy Queen is sort of the theme of the day today, and if you noticed at the end of the commercial I shared in today's earlier entry this word appeared.  That's because it, along with words such as indqredible ([in-dee-kred-uh-buhl], but since I'm using it here it doesn't get its own entry), are just one of many made up words in the Dairy Queen arsenal.  Basically any restaurant that advertises using made up words is my kind of restaurant.  So consider today the "DQ Shout Out" day.  Check out some other ridqulous commercials here.


Inbubbletion : noun : [in-buhb-uhl-shuhn]

Definition: A bubble, within a bubble, within a bubble, etc.

     Though this isn't a word that one might use on a regular basis, it was still clever enough to put on the blog.  I actually got it from this here poster that I stumbled upon one day:

     Clever, right?  Plus, this Dairy Queen commercial is another form of inbubbletion, you might say.  Except with kittens instead of other bubbles.  Still good enough for me.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Oreoverdose : noun,verb : [ohr-ee-oh-ver-dohs]

Definition: An overdose of Oreo cookies.

     We've all done this before.  Eat too many Oreo cookies, that is.  For me this happens about as frequently as we actually have Oreos in our house.  The last time I had an oreoverdose, I didn't want to eat Oreos for, well, the next lifetime and a half.  And an oreoverdose is the twelfth leading cause of death by overdose, as well as the number one cause of death by Oreo.  Alright so maybe it's not that bad, but this picture sums it up pretty well.

     Yup.  That's about right.  So be careful people.  Oreos are not to be messed with.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Democalypse : noun : [dih-mok-uh-lips]

Definition: The collapse of the democracy (more or less) and, in some cases, civility during this election season.

     Alright I'm taking this one from The Daily Show with John Stewart, but this is just too good to pass up.  Democalypse 2012 is the name of Stewart's coverage (use that word loosely people, it's a Comedy Central show) of this year's race between Mitt Romney and Barak Obama.  And he puts up some pretty funny stuff, yes he does.  Like this segment on Big Bird, among others that can be watched on that site.  Pretty funny stuff and, sadly, true in many regards.  Oh politicians, how you make me laugh.  And strain my brain to figure what in the heck you're talking about half the time.  But I guess that's the way things are in 2012.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Uvà jéd

Uvà jéd : noun : [oo-vah zhed]

Definition: Déjà vu, except when things play out exactly backwards.

     This actually happened to me.  In real life. Seriously.  We went to a high school marching band show to support my brother's high school and we listened to talk radio on the way down (not the annoying political kind, the entertaining late night kind).  Anyway, when we started back, we listened to the EXACT SAME THING.  It's because they were filling a broadcasting gap with the show we had just listened to.  It would have been déjà vu, except it was BACKWARDS.  For seriousness.  Needless to say, my mind was BLOWN.  And 'uvà jéd' was born, in that exact moment.  Give or take five minutes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Belieber : noun : [bih-lee-ber]

Definition: One who believes in Justin Bieber.

     For starters, I AM NOT ONE. A belieber, that is.  I basically believe that Justin Bieber is... Well I won't get into what I think about that sad excuse for a musician.  I wouldn't have even put it on here had it not been for this picture that I saw someone had posted on Facebook the other day:

     And the answer is yes, yes I do have a problem with that.  A big one.  But as long as you stay outside of the proverbial fence of rational common sense (though in this case it's a pretty realistic fence of common sense) and the rest of us stay inside said fence, we will all get along.  Same goes for you, "directioners", just stay away and we'll all get along.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Taxmageddon : noun : [taks-muh-ged-n]

Definition: A spike in taxes on nearly all Americans.

     So I'm not really a fan of throwing out political narrative on this here word blog, but 'taxmageddon' was too good of a word to pass up, so I suppose it deserves at least a little explanation.  The idea is that if congress (already lame duck) and President Obama (possibly name duck-to-be) don't pass new tax legislation by the end of the year, something like 88% of American households will get hit by an immediate increase in taxes.  This goes for everyone, from the lowest possible bracket to the rich of the rich.  This means that in the lowest bracket the hike will be something like $400 extra next year, the average household will pay more or less $3,500 more, and those that make the low six-digits annually will tack on upwards of $6,000.  And as for the rich?  The top 1% will pay another $120,000+ next year while the top 0.1% will pay around $630,000 more. And in case you're interested, all of those numbers come from The Fiscal Times.  And yes, with taxes like that we could like enter Recession 2.0.  I think taxmageddon is an accurate of describing the situation.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Understandment : noun : [uhn-der-stand-muhnt]

Definition: A very, very, very good understanding of a situation, and/or between people.

     When people have to figure something out, they general work their ways towards an understanding. Well when they understand the situation beyond any doubt or question, they have reached an understandment of said situation.  It's like when you just get someone, and they get you.  No questions asked, just plain understandment.  It's a pretty good thing to have, and understandment.  At least I can't think of anything that would be bad to have an understandment of.  Which is probably a good thing.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Knowmb : noun : [nom] or [k-nom]

Definition: A knowledge bomb.

     It's when someone throws out some random fact or stat or smartness thingamajig that just blows your mind.  Well your mind was blown because you got hit with a knowledge bomb, or a knowmb, as I heard a fourteen-year-old kid say the other day at a family member's scouting function.  Amazing stuff, those knowmbs that kids are throwing around these days.  Or so I hear.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Vigivigi : noun : [vee-jee-vee-gee]

Definition: Criticism of the likeliness of something happening in real life as it happens in the movies.

   You all know a person that sits there while watching a movie and complains about how "unrealistic" things are. (If you don't want any spoilers, then read no further!)  Like in the second Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr., he survives a fall down a huge waterfall, one that frankly would kill most anyone.  Or in the Avengers, which I watched the other day with some friends, which has all sorts of things from one-eyed Sam Jackson getting shot with no damage to his person to Cap 'Merica surviving a bomb that throws him out of a building.  Anywho, people just need to accept that movies are movies.  SPOILER ALERT: THEY NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  THEY ARE FICTION.  With that in mind, lets end all the vigivigi and get back to enjoying our films.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Swirt : noun : [swurt]

Definition: A long-sleeved shirt.

     This word was born (for this dictionary at least) just a few minutes ago.  I was (well, am) wearing a new long-sleeved shirt and I asked my brother what he thought of my sweater-shirt-long-sleeved-thing. I didn't really think to call it a "long-sleeved shirt" right at first, so what ended up coming out of my mouth sounded something like "sweaaaaatiirt-thing" and then I tried again and narrowed it down to "swirt".  Which the auto-correct on the computer keeps changing to swift.  Darn auto-correct.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Whoppercule : noun : [wop-er-kyool]

Definition: The collective mass of Whopper candies when they are all stuck together.

     You know how when you leave Whoppers or Milk Duds or other candies in the car (or other hottish location) for too long they stick together?  Well that, my friends, is a whoppercule.  Like this whoppercule here.

     That happened when one of those huge whopper cartons got left out in the car all day.  One solid mass of pure whopperness.  Still a delicious solid mass of whopperness though.  No worries, no flavor lost; just combined.  Literally.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Blurp : noun : [blurp]

Definition: A single, isolated hiccup.

     I'm pretty sure you all know what I mean by this.  It's a hiccup that only happens once.  A single time.  In many ways I think blurps are even more annoying than hiccups.  Because they tend to happen just randomly.  Today it happened maybe four or five times to me, but over the course of the whole day.  It just makes me feel a bit weird.  Just a bit.


Pangover : noun : [pang-oh-ver]

Definition: The aches and pains one has after going through something strenuous.

     Think working out.  Like as hard as you've ever worked out.  Or taking a huge hit in football or really doing anything that really takes its toll on your body.  Well you know how you wake up the next morning and you're as sore as can be?  Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pangover.  A hangover of pain, if you will.  And unfortunately for some (like myself) we have lots of pangovers.  Not very fun, if you ask me.  Not very fun at all.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Bladdertude : noun : [blad-er-tood]

Definition: The state of anger and frustration involved with needing to go to the bathroom.

     Basically it's when you have to go to the bathroom so bad that you just get angry.  At everything.  And your frustration is just pouring out until you are relieved of your burden.  That, my friends, is a blattertude.  Though in some people it is also manifest in large amounts of silliness and uncontrollable laughter.  This form of bladdertude most often occurs in younger children.  Like tweenagers.  They have that kind of bladdertude.  It's a little weird if you ask me, but to each his own I suppose.