Sunday, October 28, 2012


Irreliable : adjective : [ir-i-lahy-uh-buhl]

Definition: A grammatically awful way to say something is not reliable.

     This is honestly a word that I've heard educated people use in conversations as if it's no big deal.  I believe the phrase is "drives me up a wall."  That about sums up why I occasionally lose faith in the English language.  Overall things are good, but when people begin to change around prefixes on words in an attempt to sound "more educated" they really tend to hurt their case more than help it.  Not only have I heard that things are "irreliable", but I've also heard that people are "unresponsible" and *cring* "uncapable."  Seriously, it isn't that hard.  But don't worry readers, this is only a small preview of a series of words that'll come along closer to the end of the year that involves around my issues with the English language and all the wonderfully creative words that come out of it, so stick around.

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