Thursday, August 16, 2012


     My word today is actually a series of creative words that were submitted (unintentionally) by the cast of Wicked, the Broadway musical.  As a sucker for a good musical, I love Wicked.  So here are a few words that Glinda (the guh is silent) and other cast members used during the show.

Rejoicify : verb : [ree-jois-ih-fahy]

The act of rejoicing in a truly joyful manner.

Confusify : verb : [kuhn-fyooz-ih-fahy]

The act of confusing one to the point where they don't understand anything anymore.  At all.

Outuendo : noun : [out-yoo-en-doh]

An innuendo that has since left the immediate area of conversation.

Galindafy : verb : [guh-lihn-duh-fahy]

The turning of a normal person into a comically egocentric and narcissistic person obsessed with popularity.

Scandalacious : adjective : [skan-dih-ley-shuhs]

A particularly scandalous scandal.

Decipherate : verb : [dih-sahy-fehr-eyt]

The translation of any language that the former speakers of what are now dead languages would have considered dead.

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