Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Omnishambles : noun : [om-ni-sham-buhls]

Definition: A situation which is shambolic (in shambles) from every possible angle.

     If one were to google this word, they'd find a bunch of British news articles, like this one from the BBC, on how "omnishambles" is the newest word in the English language.  Well as far as I'm concerned it's still made-up.  It was selected by the Oxford English Dictionary as 2012's Word of the Year.  Others on the shortlist include "Eurogeddon", "Mobot", and "Pleb".  Though I should point out that this doesn't mean omnishambles is about to become an actual word anytime soon, so for now it will just have to call MyWord its home.  And I'm sure we can all use this word at one time or another in our lives.  I for one feel sometimes that my life is in shambles.  Well no longer, now I feel that it is occasionally in omnishambles.

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